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Lumia 160 R

Lumia 160 R

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Led recessed or suspension lighting  fixture


Offices, shops,  companies, banks, schools, hotels,  museums.

The light fixture can be customised according to the customer’s requirements per lumen,  colour (°K), profile colour, and angle brackets colour.

Name LUMIA 160 R
Structure Alluminium and polycarbonate
Voltage/Frequency 180 ~ 270(AC) / 50 ~ 60Hz
Power 69 W
Lighting flow 7520 lm
Colour temperature 4000 K – other shades on request
Product efficiency >100 lm/W
Chromatic performance index (CRI) > 80
Temperature - 10 °C ~ 50°C
Duration 70000 hrs keeps more than 70% of the origanl flow
Weight 3,5 Kg
Protection index IP 51
Integrated electronics Simple substitution and reparation