Produzione riparazione e assistenza impianti a Led



Led lighting systems advantages

The main advantages of our led lighting systems are the following ones:

  • • Energy savings ≥ 40% without considering the reduction of lighting flow
  • • Highly reduced maintenance costs
  • • Reduced emissions of Co2 with possible acquisition of White Certificates
  • • Excellent performance at any colour temperature
  • • White light colour which allows a better perception of colours and details from the human eye at same lighting level
  • • Possible reduction of street lighting engineering category thanks to an index of chromatic performance CRI ≥ 80
  • • Wide range of colour temperature (K)
  • • No need to power factor variation
  • • Unidirectional light, so total absence of lighting pollution
  • • Led duration more than any other kind of filament lamp or gas charge (minimum life expected higher than 70.000 hours)
  • • Minor possibilities of damages
  • • Possibility to regulate the power and the lighting flow in the factory according to the needs of customer
  • • Possibility of remote control system
  • • Insensibility to environmental temperature therefore no difficulty of switching on even in cold weather
  • • Electronic transformers with instantaneous switching on
  • • Constant lighting performance for the first 70.000 hours
  • • No polluting agents
  • • They do not attract bats and nocturne insects because of lack of ultraviolet emission
  • • Reduced environmental impact and RoHS conformity